Melodies For The Moon

by Dead Sea Caravan

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This album is the culmination of 4 months of traveling on the road through Europe, falling in love, busking on the streets, meeting wonderful people and making great memories. The last month was spent in Liverpool writing and recording this.

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Our special thanks to Analia Leiro,
Nadine and Fede, Jody Quackenbush,
Natalia Nader, Pablo Wright,
Jennifer Richardson,
Max Mogren, Aus Dyer, Sam Wilson,
Shelly Jones and Glenda and Paul Ainsworth
who helped make this album possible.


released October 14, 2013

Winston Freeman - Acoustic Guitars and Vocals

Ninou - Violins, Ukulele, Vocals

Written by Winston Freeman and Ninou.

Produced by The Dead Sea Captain and The Russian Doll

Photography by Ashley Duncan of Thats It! Photography.

Recorded at Two Sisters Studios Liverpool.



all rights reserved


The Dead Sea Captain Berlin, Germany

It is a beautiful story that brought Winston Freeman and Ninou together in this life, as it has done in all previous lives.

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Track Name: Cold Wind
The weather outside was cold and bright
I went searching for a bed
I found some grass in the mountain pass
And laid down my heavy head

The sky grew dark and filled with stars
The universe at my feet
I thought of home and people I’ve known
And wondered how they be

Then a cold wind it blowed
Through my aching bones

The moon was pale as my mind set sail
And carried my dreams away
Till morning was drawn and the sunlight yawned
Giving a new day

I Picked up my bag, guitar and my hat
And followed the river that flowed
With stones at my feed, needing something to eat
I lay where the lillys grow

Then a cold wind it blowed
Through my aching bones

I came to a town, where people look down
On the shoes of travelling feet
Till I started to sing, old words and things
Old travelling melodies
They patted my back and filled my hat
As I went on my way
I followed the road. Where the cold wind blows
To another brand new day
Track Name: Make Your Bed On The Floor
Sometimes I, I can forget myself
Get myself all a mess
Drunkenly sailor says
that the wolves at your door
When you face them theyre no more
Your fears will go away
Sometimes I I make mistakes my mind
Will only be satisfied
Heading for bluer skies
I always hear the sea
calling out for me
The sun doesn’t shine in this room

Gold brown eyes
earthly wild fires that rise
Lights you up from inside
In a Inca princess’ smile
With the world at your feet
Do your roads lead back to me
Is the ocean too big to swim
One day soon on a spring afternoon
We will lay on the grass
Watching the sunlight catch
Through the leaves on the trees
Shading our sleepy laughs
When love is at your door
Make the bed on the floor
Keep the world in your reach
Track Name: Infinity O'Clock
Awoken as moonlight pours through my eyes
Nurturing nothingness questioning time
The blood of the sacrifice drips through the roof
The hymn of the Christ has unspoken its proof
The sea like a blanket keeps dead sailors warm
The smile of the moon magnetises the storm

Those buried with nothing to the dust they return
Those buried in gold to the dust they return
Those who die in pain to the dust they return
Those who die in love to the dust they return
Time always wins

Infinity O clock change never stops
Everlasting cycles of beautiful chaos
Around and around and around and around
And around we go
The stardust inside us, ebbes and flows
To the four corners of eternity
No end no beginning to infinity
We are all and all is one
One for all and all for none

All gone today
Into dust they have burnt
Even tomorrow
Into dust will burn
All gone today
Into dust they have burnt
Change always wins
Track Name: Hunter In The Dark
I walk in a quiet moonless night
and my feet follow nothing but their own sound on the ground
i hear the whistle of the wind
and my thoughts go wondering
I'd go far where the wind travels
I'll follow the sounds in to the mist of the night
I'll go searching
like a hunter in the dark
Track Name: Little Old World
Little world, sitting at my window
Seeing how it changes always stays the same
Summer fades, in my mind
Seems a little further more I waste my time

Little old man, sittin in your bed pan
Watching your world through an oblong TV Screen
Funny old world, how it works
All the Hard luck stories make the world go round
Another week goes through your hands
Makin plans that no one understands

And I’ll meet you there
Past the river somewhere
Where the skies are blue
Inside of you

Big old room, such a pretty tomb
May aswell be dead to the outside world
Same old bed, sleepy head
Killing time in another neon womb
Big old world, waiting at your window
Can you hear it calling out to you

And I’ll meet you there
Past the river somewhere
Where the skies are blue
Inside of you
Track Name: Lucky Stars
For a thousand miles
The road twists turns and smiled
Go back on ourselves
Just for the hell
To keep it going a while

We’ll sleep under the moon
When the cities out of room
And all that we face
The hardships to grace
Just to feel alive when it’s through

Just wait for the morning
To see what the day might bring
When we think that we’re falling
Just pick ourselves up and sing

We find ourselves there
From Edinburgh to anywhere
catchin’ a ride up on destinies side
to Where nothing quite compares

In the pouring rain
Lightening heavens veins
Our lucky stars have brought us this far
I feel like I’m born again

Just wait for the morning
To see what the day might bring
When we think that we’re falling
Just pick ourselves up and sing

Takes the breath out of me
Transmit in Ecstasy
All that we have
For as long as it lasts
Is all we’ll ever need